Sunday Stroll: Yates Mill

Yates Mill. Everybody in the Raleigh area goes to Yates Mill in the fall. Except me apparently, so of course I had go check it out. I called my dad and he eagerly met up with McCrae and me for another Sunday stroll.

Sure enough, it was a popular spot. There were at least three photographers working with clients around the mill area, and of course I had to snap my own shots. Snap snap.

Historic Yates Mill County Park has the "last operable water-powered gristmill in Wake County" - a giant water wheel on a picturesque dam. I was at the park for the hiking trails, but there are frequent demos and tours of the old grist mill done by guides in period costumes. (From what I hear it's a big hit with the kids.)

Yates Mill has about three miles of hiking trails spread over three trails: Millpond Trail, High Ridge Trail, and Creekside Trail.

High Ridge Trail

High Ridge Trail is a 0.8 mile trail that cuts off away from the mill and into the woods on a natural trail. It's a pretty easy and pleasant hike with hardwood and pines.

Creekside Trail

Creekside Trail is a 1.0 mile trail that starts at the wetlands boardwalk and loops around in a lollipop path, resulting in a 2.0 total hike.

Millpond Trail

Millpond Trail is the popular 1.0 mile easy hike from the mill along the dammed pond and then over the pond via some wide, inviting boardwalks. It's a great walk for spotting waterfowl and turtles, and the boardwalk is popular for photographers, bird watchers, and fishermen.

Millpond Trail also has an educational and/or picnic shelter area that's a nice shady spot for a quick break along the trail.

We just moseyed around Millpond Trail, but it was a really enjoyable stroll. Check out the demos if you're bringing the kids, or just enjoy the beautiful fall foliage on an easy hike.

Have you been to Yates Mill? Let me know your favorite part of the park in the comments!


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