Tuna Run 200 Planning

Raleigh to Atlantic Beach.

200 miles.

By car it's just about 3 hours, but by foot?

Oh man, by foot! 

I am about to do something crazy. I am going to run from Raleigh to Atlantic Beach with a crew of 11 other runners (and another 12 runners on another team we're running with). We have about 33 hours to complete the relay run where, at the finish line, we'll be greeted with tuna, BBQ, beer, and the Atlantic Ocean.

There's something about this adventure that I am just so excited about. Is it the long hours trapped in a van with the same people? Is it the thrill of running on country roads at night? (It looks like I've got a running shift around 2am or so.) Is it pushing myself onward on tired legs through the night, through the afternoon, to the edge of the continent? Is it about the tunafish?

Oh yeah, you know I'm absolutely and insanely stoked to be trying something crazy, something stupid, something wild, something totally unlike anything I've run before. I'm running about 14 miles total, so that's not much longer than a half marathon (I mean, I probably ran about that far for my Not So Normal half marathon). The trick is running that far spread out over 3 legs on little sleep with some fellow runners. (This is a mental reminder to myself to be nice to other people this weekend). And yet, I am so excited about this event! I'll have some more information on the race as I pack (and maybe read the runner's handbook and/or my team itinerary, meh), and once the race is done you know you'll get the coolest race report - I can't wait!

Have you ever run a relay race? If so, tell me about your favorite part of the race in the comments!


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