A Book Reading, A Parasol, and a Funeral Dirge

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"I think this may be the most unique beginning to a book reading, well, ever!" the woman at The Regulator Bookshop announced as she introduced Nicole Sarrocco for her book reading of Ill-Mannered Ghosts, the latest book in Sarrocco's Occasionally True series. Around the room the audience chuckled, from friends and family to former students to the "NCSSM Blast Band" that accompanied Sarrocco on her march down Ninth Street from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics where Sarrocco teaches.

And it's true: that was probably the most interesting and unique intro to a book reading because who else can say they've led their own private band playing Tim Burton funeral dirges while toting a black parasol down Ninth Street in Durham to an independent bookstore where, in the basement, they read from their utterly unique and engaging book? Dr. Nicole Sarrocco can say that.

Her book Ill-Mannered Ghosts* is available only in independent book stores until October 31, when it will become available in wide release. This is the second book in her series Occasionally True which begins with Lit By Lightning (2015)*. Sarrocco is also the author of Karate Bride (2005)*,  a book of poems. Read more on Nicole Sarrocco here http://www.nicolesarrocco.com/ and on her independent publisher here http://www.chatwinbooks.com/nicole-sarrocco/

Special thanks to Nicole Sarrocco, NCSSM, the NCSSM Blast Band and its director Phillip Riggs, and to The Regulator Bookshop.



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