Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

The launch of Liz Goodman Photography

Helllooooo?! Anybody home? I feel like I've dropped off the face of the planet recently, and you'd think it's because I'm a total slacker and I'm not doing anything, but hey! I've got exciting news! You know how I'm really into photography? (You knew that, right??) And you know how sometimes I do family or other portrait photography? Yeah, an adventure blog isn't the place for that, so I'm super stoked to announce that my photography work will now be available on my new site Liz Goodman Photography! Don't worry, The Restless Wild isn't going away, but it will stay solely focused on all things adventure - running, hiking, climbing, backpacking, and my usual shenanigans. And you'll still see great nature and adventure photography here! But all things family, baby, and portrait photography will be posted on Liz Goodman Photography. Most recently I had an exciting cake smash to celebrate Stella's first birthday (you've seen this pretty baby a couple times already with her newborn and six months sessions!) and I am so glad to finally post pictures from the cake smash session. Check it out on!


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