A Glance at Duke Gardens

A beautiful garden setting in the heart of Durham

You might have noticed recently that things around here have been a bit...quiet. It's not to say I'm not working - whoa heck no! I've been keeping super crazy busy with some photography projects! - but that leaves little time for this blog. You might have noticed some things on the site look a bit different, and even more is changing (huge shoutout to Qiudi at QZEE.PRINTS! More info on that later though.) It will be crazy for another few weeks, sorry, but if you want to do some modeling in the area just let me know. Otherwise, here are some Duke Gardens photos until then. Sorry for the silence, and I'll catch up with you all later!

I might have to come explore Duke Gardens more often. What do you think? Have you ever been to Duke Gardens? (Or should I say Dook Gardens? Meh, whatever, the gardens are gorgeous, I'll give you that.)


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