Things That Run

Run for the hills. Run together. Run into each other. Run a finger across a page. Run for office.

It's amazing how ubiquitous the word "run" is in our daily language. "I'm just going to run over to the store." "Could you run those numbers by me again?" "I'm going to run this car into the ground."

For something so many people hate doing we seem to talk about it a lot. It's engrained in our language idiomatically and metaphorically: "The stream ran swiftly" or "the stars ran across the sky" or "the blood ran across the sidewalk." We use it in our religious texts (1, 2, and 3 just for sampling) and our poetry, and even in our computer lingo

It's a beautiful word and a beautiful sensation - running - and here's how you can say it in more languages:


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