Super Fun Shiny New Thing

Playing around with a new camera lens

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You know what's super fun? New camera gear is super fun!

Y'all, I have been itching to get a super fancy pro-quality 70-200mm zoom lens*. And I finally got it! I picked it up from the UPS store at 5:30pm yesterday and by 5:45pm I was running around the backyard with it. Fortunately a few of you have said you want to see more pics of Ryder, because today that's what you're getting! I was trying to get a couple photos of the new lens and then with the new lens, but Ryder photobombed the photos (as usual) which means he got his picture taken. A lot!

You know you've got a fancy lens when it comes with its own carrying case, ha!

Hey Ryder! You're photobombing the picture again. Hey, hey! Fine. I'll just take a picture of you then. Or a dozen pictures of you...

Snobby dog, don't you turn up your nose at me!

If you're pretty and you know it...

He walks the walks and talks the talks

My! What big claws you have, Grandma!

Gahhhhh!! I just have no words. No words! 😍😍😍

I am so so so excited about this "Friday Favorite" - it will be a favorite of mine for a long time!

See all the fun shots you can do if you just don't mow your lawn?

Ooooh look at that solar flare! 🌞😎💛🌼

What are your thoughts on the lens and the images? Got any Friday Favorites you want to share? Let me know in the comments!


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