Sunday Stroll FAQs

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

Last week I posted on Instagram saying if anyone wanted to join me on a Sunday Stroll to let me know, and I actually got quite a bit of feedback and interest. As a result I'm planning on trying out a calendar for people to see which hikes are coming up and what sort of effort and distance I tentatively expect. I figured it would also be helpful to establish some baseline expectations:

1) You don't have to be fit.

I started this series to get my dad out and about and moving. The focus is on accessible trails in the area. The pace is slow - it really is more "stroll" than "hike." These local hikes really don't take any technical expertise or fitness; just come amble along!

2) You don't need anything fancy. But bring a water bottle.

Most of the time I just throw on some clothes that also double as running gear and my trail running shoes - but that's only because I don't want to wear my road running shoes in a different way and I don't want to haul out my heavier hiking boots. Regular sneakers work fine, or wear hiking boots if you want to. Snacks are optional for morning hikes, but a good idea if we do a longer day hike or if you're worried you might get hungry. Water is a must though, but you are fine with a simple water bottle and nothing too fancy.

3) We'll be moving really really slowly.

Turtle slow! I'll have my camera and it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm going to stop and take pictures every five feet, so just be aware that this isn't the "work up a sweat" kinda hike, but a very relaxing "hey, let's chat and stop and look at all the details along this trail" kinda hike. 

We'll be moving really slow. Like, moss-growing-on-rocks kinda slow.

4) I'll be taking pictures.

Lots of pictures! There will be pictures of the trail, of trail blazes, of funny-looking trees, of flower buds, of birds, of rocks, of my feet, of mushrooms, and of you if I can manage it! If you hate being in front of the camera let me know in advance and I'll try to be nice and not take photos of you (McCrae, this doesn't apply to you; you still have to get your picture taken). 

5) These are usually local to Raleigh-Durham area.

While I like going backpacking all over the state and I sometimes do longer day hikes up around Asheville, most of these "Sunday Stroll" hikes have been at state and local parks and greenways around Raleigh-Durham. The goal is to really focus on what is available in our backyard, and to disseminate information and encourage others to opt outside even if they're short on time or gas money. This area doesn't have very rough terrain, so it's generally accessible. 

The next step is to actually plan in advance my hikes. (I'm a terrible procrastinator and am usually picking out hikes the night before or even the morning of the hike! Bad Liz.) After that I'll post a general calendar for people to see what's coming up, and if you're interested in a specific hike then let me know and we'll get a group thread going via email with the details. I'm so excited to share this with you all and I'm so glad you all have an interest in exploring the outdoors! Stay hyped, look for more information, and I'll see you out there.


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