New Marketplace for Local Artists Opens In Downtown Hillsborough

New shop in Hillsborough provides a place for local artists and artisans

Eno River Marketplace opened on June 30 in the midst of the Hillsborough Arts Council Last Friday Art Walk. Tucked into a historic downtown building the new shop features vintage and repurposed goods, handmade quilts, paintings, coloring books, custom coasters, terrariums, cards, and many more unique gifts.

Coasters and gifts at Eno River Marketplace

Customers at the Grand Opening of the Eno River Marketplace on June 30

I met with Stephenie Fahy, the owner and visionary behind Eno River Marketplace, and got the story behind the latest addition to the downtown arts scene.

How did you become interested in local arts and vintage items?

Stephenie Fahy, owner of Eno River Marketplace

Stephenie: My mother and I have been collecting and shopping together for as long as I can remember. It's a passion of hers that she passed on to me. My favorite memories of growing up was watching Mom transform our house into a home by finding treasures that others deemed worthless and making them into something beautiful.

What was your inspiration for opening the shop?

Stephenie: I've long desired to give an outlet to people who need to use their creativity. For creative people, if we don't have a way to use our skills, we cannot truly function in the rest of our lives! All of the artists are people like this, creative people who want to share their passion with the rest of the community.

How did you decide you wanted to become a business-owner?

Stephenie: My husband and I started our first business, CrossFit Broadreach, in 2014. We've been thrilled to be our own boss and live out our passions in business. It's now the only thing I know!

What’s your goal with the shop?

Stephenie: I want to create a space that's welcoming and creative - a space that makes people feel good to come into. I hope this translates to the homes that people take these treasures back to.

Why Hillsborough? What made you decide to open up a shop in Hillsborough?

Stephenie: We live in Hillsborough and love our little town. There was no other option but pouring into our own community!

What impact do you hope your business will have on the community?

Stephenie: I hope that this shop with allow for more walking traffic throughout downtown. I want to add to the small town charm with local businesses and local artists!

If someone wants to work with you to add their work to your shop, what's the best way of doing that?

Stephenie: Contact to schedule an appointment! You can also send pictures of your work and a short bio.

Current artists and work available at the shop include:

Magnolia Ever After

Run by Paige Schildkamp and Emily Spurling, Magnolia Ever After offers cute coasters and mosaics. Custom coasters are available for ordering.

Paige Schildkamp and Emily Spurling of Magnolia Ever After


This local artist tore down a fence on his property and used the reclaimed wood made bird houses.

Sudi Rakusin

Sudi Rakusin is a painter and illustrator who focuses on feminist empowerment works and coloring books

Jamie for Jake’s Haven

Colorful and cheerful paintings

Happy Unicorn Studios

Erika Martinez, the owner of Happy Unicorn Studios, creates colorful handbags, purses, totes and accessories.

My Aromas to Go

Handcrafted aromatherapy jewelry using terracotta clay, lava beads and other materials, My Aromas to Go can carry 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils on the go.

Tiny Bird Terrariums

Handmade terrariums

Englishtown Quilts

Bright, handmade quilts

Junebug Beadery

Local artist Amanda Sulyi of Junebug Beadery creates intricately beaded jewelry pieces, including bracelets and necklaces.

Kris Norris

Kris Norris creates cheerful and whimsical paintings.

Vintage and repurposed items by Stephenie

Stephenie finds vintage items and repurposes them to give them new life.

Stephenie Fahy, owner of Eno River Marketplace, with Paige Schildkamp and Emily Spulring of Magnolia Ever After

Eno River Marketplace is open Fridays 4-7pm and Saturdays 10-5pm with extended hours during Hillsborough's Last Friday Art Walks. The shop is located at 108 W Margaret Ln under K's Closet with ample parking at a nearby parking deck next to the library.

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