9 Ideas for a Valentine's Day Adventure

Because roses die, chocolates don't last a day, and cards get thrown away, but memories will last a lifetime

Valentine's Day is around the corner - do you have plans?! You could do the usual Valentine's Day date of roses and candlelit dinner, but if you're bored by the same-old-same-old then consider an alternative Valentine's date. (Added bonus - you can do a Galentine's Day with these same activities!)

1) Give Cupid a run for his money

Cupid's arrows might be cute, but what about challenging the little cherub to some friendly archery competition? Take your date to an archery range, get some lessons, and let those arrows fly! (But don't be like Cupid; avoid hitting your date with your arrows.)

Valentine's Day adventure dates - archery lesson. (Licensed Adobe stock image)

2) Do a fun run with your best buddy

There's nothing quite like a Valentine's Day that gets you and your partner all hot and sweaty - and there's nothing like running to get you all hot and sweaty! A couple years ago I convinced McCrae to run the Krispy Kreme Challenge with me under the "Dynamic Duo" category and we had the team name "Worst Valentine's Day Idea Ever" - fun date? Yes! (Well, I thought it was fun at least 😉)

The couple who runs together stays together.

3) Take a fitness class together

There's a certain bond you get with someone when you've done a hard workout together. You battle something together - whether it's your legs screaming for a break during a cycle class, or a stubborn bar bell that refuses to budge, or an invisible enemy in kickboxing class - and at the end you're flooded with endorphins, and as we all know, "Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." So if this Valentine's Day you need a bit of encouragement to not shoot your husband, try a workout together.

"Do you even lift, hubs?"

4) Take a hike!

Need a little one-on-one bonding? Nothing delivers quite like a hike together. Turn your phones off and walk and talk. I absolutely love my hikes with McCrae; we can finally catch up on all the little details of our lives that get lost in the noise of daily bustle. Added bonus: this is a great option for early in the relationship when you're still getting to know each other.

Not so fun fact: all those years we've been together (and hiking together) and I don't have a single picture of us as a couple. Gotta fix this...

5) Try the ropes

Try a low ropes or high ropes course! These obstacle courses are designed to get you to take risks and build teamwork, so schedule a day with some of your best buds (or plan a group date!) and explore and grow.

A high ropes course, of course! (Licensed Adobe stock image.)

6) Do the ultimate trust fall

Go climbing! Put on some harnesses, tie into some ropes, and go climbing together. Trust your partner to keep you alive if and when you fall, and know how well you work together when you're literally tied at the hip.

Grab a hold and don't let go.

7) Get in a rhythm together

I once heard someone describe a tandem kayak as a "divorce" - there's nothing quite like two people in the same boat trying to steer in different directions. But be brave and bond with your date, coordinate your strokes, and work towards a common destination!

Isn't this the cutest kayaking photo?! Except maybe wear some life vests as needed. (Licensed Adobe stock image)

8) "I like long walks on the beach..."

But how about upping the adventure and going on a long horseback ride on the beach? Take a cliche and turn it on its head and have a Valentine's Day to remember.

"I like long walks on the beach..." (Licensed Adobe stock image)

9) Go head over heels

Go head over heels for your date with some trapeze lessons or indoor trampoline park time. Fly through the air feeling light as a feather with love! 

Indoor trampoline park! (Licensed Adobe stock image)

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be boring or stressful or cliche. Try something a little adventurous and have a date you'll remember for years!

9 Ideas for a Valentine's Day Adventure

What's your favorite Valentine's Day date you've been on? Let me know in the comments!


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