A Valentine's Letter to my Exercise Buddies

Thanks for keeping me on track and for making my exercise hours my happy hours

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love - for your partner, for your friends, for those people who keep you sane. On this special day I want to say thank you to my exercise buddies.

Dear Friends,

You know who you are - you're the ones who keep me sane, who keep me on track, who keep me accountable when all else seems lost. We've been through a lot together: half marathons, relay races, bike rides, races that include a dozen doughnuts, hiking trips, backpacking trips where we thought our hips were going to end up black and blue, backpacking trips where our hips actually did end up black and blue, soccer games where we've won, lost, tied, needed to go to the hospital, and were sent off the pitch (maybe let's not do this again), and climbs where we were afraid we'd fall, where we actually fell, and where we clawed our way to the top.

You were there through the good times when we glided by easy and happy and strong. You were there through the rough times when one or both of us just wanted to stop. You were there when I ran away from problems. You were there when I ran into problems. You were there.

It's not every day that we say thank you to one another, but this Valentine's Day I want to give a special shout-out to everyone who's seen me sweat and still suffers being around me. Here's to many more workouts together!



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