Weekends are for moving.

After long weekday hours in a cubicle and workouts in the evening that you force yourself into - despite being tired, despite being hungry, despite the bad weather and that one treadmill whose motor whines - it feels so great to have two days of non-stop action. Long run! Soccer practice! Hiking! Soccer game! Yoga! Biking!

It's glorious and liberating to feel so active, so alive! Of course, it's easy to overdo it, but when you've got that little window between 5pm Friday and 9am Monday, why would you hold back? (Unless you get injured; please don't hurt yourself).

Perfect morning. Seriously, waking up to this is the best.

This is the joy of being a weekend warrior - living action-packed Saturdays and Sundays as much as you can and always looking for the next intense weekend experience by biking longer, running farther, hiking harder trails, and playing more. It's coming home Sunday night tired but happy and already planning your next adventure. You start keeping your backpack half-packed, your soccer bag always ready, a water bottle by the door - always prepared for that next opportunity. That's the best feeling: the moment of "That was amazing!" and "Where to next?"

Weekend warrior-ing often includes mud. Lots of mud.

So yeah, where to next? As soon as I figure that out I'll see you out there.

Ryder says, "Did you say 'adventure'?"


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