Everyone it seems has their own side hustle: their product that they brand and market nonstop, myself sometimes included. And right now 'tis the season to market, market, market! in anticipation of the feeding frenzy of post-Thanksgiving consumerism. "Buy my etsy crafts!" "Buy my make-up!" "Buy my skin toning device!" "Buy my juice cleanse!"

Ugh, doesn't it just make you sick?

Don't get me wrong; work your side hustle if you've got it and enjoy your Black Friday rush if that's your thing. Just don't kill anyone in a stampede. As for me, I will go into the woods.

I've been aching to go on a long weekend backpacking trip for a while. Running and short hikes in my area just don't cut it when I'm truly aching for the trail. Thanksgiving seems like the perfect solution, so I've started planning. What better way to show thanks for the land and being alive than going outside and celebrating these very things?

Of course, you'll later get the story behind the adventure. And just make sure you save me some cool camera gear for Cyber Monday when I get back. ;)


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