Sometimes the best adventures aren't the ones with the biggest summits, the longest miles, or the hardest obstacles. Sometimes the best adventures are simply based on the company that you keep - a loved one, or someone trying a new activity, or someone helping you stretch your abilities, or someone rediscovering their love for the outdoors. I roam alone often, but when it's me and someone else out there exploring - even if it's an "easy" route - it's a beautiful experience. Take a moment this month to spend some time with a loved one and share with them the outdoors. You'll both feel better for it, and I'll see you out there.

Remember when I offered a bunch of Father's Day ideas? My dad and I made it out to Eno River State Park for Father's Day before the crowds. There's nothing quite like a little quiet company and golden morning light on a gently lapping river. Here's to many more hikes together, Dad!


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