Sunday Strolls and Calendars

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I know it's a little late to get excited about calendars seeing as it's already after Valentine's Day and everything, but I'm a procrastinator. I'm lucky if I can plan more than 2 days in advance, which is probably why I have so many calendars - a paper planner, a blog calendar, a work calendar, a Google calendar, and a running calendar! (I'm not even kidding.) I've been trying to get better about planning hikes and getting them on a calendar to share, but 1) that requires prior commitment, and 2) see #1 again. So instead of a whole public calendar that's all meet-up style, I'm excited to announce that Sunday Stroll information will be included in the weekly email newsletter! I'll be including some general information on where and roughly how far the hike will be and contact info for RSVPs and requesting exact times and meet-up information. So if you're interested in joining on a Sunday Stroll, make sure you're signed up for the mailing list!

(And okay, I'm not actually this disorganized with a gazillion calendars everywhere. They all have their own function and act as a separate planning space for different types of work! McCrae just likes to joke that I spend all day doing project management and #GirlBoss things, so the last thing on my mind is trying to project manage one more thing (aka myself!) in my spare time!)

Plus, a couple years ago I made these calendars for my friends at work with a photo of all of us. It was the first time I'd made anything interesting in Photoshop and I ended up liking that calendar on my office wall for a year. It's one thing to flip through pages of months or through a paper calendar or Outlook to look for deadlines or future dates, but a whole year on one page? You can immediately scan for that Monday two weeks from now at a glance with no flipping pages! Fantastic. I made new ones for 2017, including one with a photo I shot in the Smokies last year, and now if you sign up for the weekly newsletter you can download that calendar as a printable from the weekly newsletter! The newsletter goes out Wednesday mornings, so sign up asap to get yours this week!

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Hooray organization and calendars and hiking! Don't forget to sign up for the freebies and I'll see you out there! :)


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