Sled Dog Fail!

Ryder, what good are you?!

Poor Ryder has been the laughingstock of the household the past few days. He's a spoiled snow dog who loves to pull on his leash when we're out hiking and backpacking, so I figured it might be fun to do a little sledding with him. I didn't have a sled so I grabbed a lid from a plastic bin and headed out with precious poopsie. Too bad he just whined and crawled into my lap. Useless snow dog.

To add insult to injury, his cousin just raced twenty miles this weekend in a sled dog sprint race. That's it. I'm renaming Ryder "Useless Spoiled Cutie Goober." 

I tried sledding again the next morning with McCrae around to cheer Ryder on. Instead, McCrae ended up pulling me and Ryder both in the sled! 😂 In Ryder's defense, McCrae said my plastic bin lid is a terrible sled and it was super heavy to pull us, and the only way you could get it moving was to put it in the middle of the street on the super slick ice, but Ryder was very opposed to running on the sheet of ice. So we may have some user and equipment error here, not dog error.

Ah well, we'll try again next time. Until then, enjoy this little video:


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