Roll With It

Trying to be okay with some downtime

I feel a sense of failure if a weekend goes by without some sort of grand adventure. All my time gets sucked up in the work week, so I feel pressure to maximize the two weekend days that I have.

But sometimes I don't maximize these two days. Sometimes it rains or plans fall through or life and the things we have to do get in the way. Sometimes your GPS watch goes on the fritz and you lose all your running data from the past two weeks (including the Tar Heel 10 Miler data). Sometimes you're achy and sore and outside it's ugly and hot and humid. Sometimes your IT band groans and protests and all you can really do is a leisurely run to ease yourself back into running from post-race recovery. And sometimes you just need to foam roll.

Just rolling with it.

So that's what I did this weekend: Reset. Ease in. Foam roll. There will be other weekends and other adventure, so for now I'll just recharge and plan and soon enough I'll see you out there.


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