I did not want to run this weekend. I'd spent time and energy doing other things - cleaning up a state park and camping - and I just was not feeling the whole run 13 miles thing.

"Thirteen miles? Do I really have to do that? I did 12 miles last week and lots of people train for a half marathon with just 10 miles as their longest run." I was tired, and it was unreasonably cold (40°F is really unreasonable after days of 75°F), and it might rain, and I had an upcoming soccer game and backpacking trip, and - and - and...

But I still went running after a self-inflicted guilt trip.

And? It was great. Yes, it was cold, yes, it rained a little bit, yes, I did a funny sort of duck walk for the rest of the day because my legs were sore, but it was totally worth it. I ran my fastest 13 miles by a good margin - 15 seconds per mile faster! - and was able to push through the conditions of the day, including those physical and mental obstacles. It's taper week for me next, which probably doesn't mean one (potentially two!?) backpacking trips, but when it comes to spring in the mountains I'm not one to resist temptation.

So here's to some big, beautiful views and then a big, beautiful race! Happy spring, everyone, and I'll see you out there!


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