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Okay, so I kinda think "monthly goals" blog posts are a gimme in terms of an easy post to just throw up on the blog, buuuuuuut...


And it's not like I'm going to some crazy exotic place that is going to make me the coolest blogger ever or that some major milestone is coming up. Actually it seems a little counterintuitive to be excited about a chill, laid-back month after getting engaged and then buying a house. But yeah, October!

Plus, there's the pressure of publicizing goals to add some accountability. I'm advertising I'm going to do something this month, so that means I totally have to do it, right?


So! Goals. I decided to split up goals by some major categories of my life: 1) Writing, 2) Photography, 3) Outdoors/Athletics, 4) Travel, 5) Personal. Keep reading, you'll see why.


I love writing. Seriously, it's probably some weird messed up addiction at this point considering I spend all day writing business-y things and then spend all evening and night writing blog posts and journal entries and fiction work. (Oh, you didn't know I write fiction? Haha surprise!) So it only makes sense to funnel that passion into something productive for once.


I did not set out to be a photographer. Sure, all the career compatibility tests I took when I got totally disillusioned with med school in college suggested I'd be a decent photographer and writer, but I just didn't see how I could pursue the arts when, as the Hermione Granger of my hometown, I was expected to be a doctor or lawyer or maybe the first woman President (can I get a "Hill Yeah!" 🙌). So I only started getting into photography when I decided I wanted prettier pictures for my blog and I didn't feel like paying for stock photos. One thing led to another aaaaaand now I'm doing some photography on the side. And it is so sweet! (I love my side gigs! 😍💕)


When I started this blog I really wanted to focus on the outdoors and athletics because that just happened to be what I like. That hasn't changed, so I'm going to sneak some goals into this category on the regular.


In case you hadn't noticed, I like to travel. At the same time I strongly believe "travel" does not necessarily mean hitting up 15 countries in 7 days or quitting your job to live an exotic see-the-world-and-live-on-the-road lifestyle. (Though if you know anything about my obsession with tiny houses* then yeah, that lifestyle is totally a life goal someday). That said, I believe travel - whether that's a spin around the world or just exploring a section of your town you've never seen before - is important. It adds perspective and pushes you out of your comfort zone, and we can all stand for a little more perspective and growth in our lives.


Ughhhhhh personal stuff. I am firmly against this ever being an online journal. I've got two bookshelves full of 53 (and counting!) personal journals and that content does not need to be aired out on the interwebs. But at the same time I realize it'd probably be nice to give you hints of who I am (and convince you I'm not some short attention span my-life-is-so-special-it's-worth-blogging-about megalomaniac kinda psychopath), so the best way to do that is to drop some details on myself. (Or this could totally backfire and you'll read more about me and confirm the idea that I'm crazy, in which case just gently close your laptop and back away from the keyboard.)

Sooo...get to the goals already!

Sheesh, you're impatient. So for my inaugural monthly goals...drum roll please...

October Writing Goals

  • Well, this is a surprise! I know I'm not off to a great start for goals and transparency, but I've got a big announcement for October that I'll be sharing very very soon on the blog. Check back tomorrow!

October Photography Goals

  • Buy a new camera. Trying to scrape by on gigs with the camera I have currently is a serious pain, and Canon just released my dream camera the Canon 5d Mark IV* (it's so well-rounded just like me! We can photograph anything!). It will be an ordeal to switch systems from Nikon to Canon, but if there's any time to do the switch now is that time before I invest too much more into lenses and accessories for one brand.
  • Set up the pricing page. I've gotten random inquiries from friends and acquaintances for my availability and pricing as a photographer and it's time for me to finalize my pricing for 2017 for clients. Look forward to that coming up on the website!

October Outdoors/Athletics Goals

  • Tuna Run! I am so excited about this 200-mile relay race starting just a couple miles from my childhood home and running all the way to Atlantic Beach, NC. 3+ weeks and counting to this exciting event!
  • Keep training for my fall half marathon. Oh, and I should totally register for my race before it fills up. My bad.

October Travel Goals

October Personal Goals

  • Open up. I know I haven't provided a lot of insight into who I am and what makes me tick, so instead of being all cool and aloof and mysterious I promise to share some more of my personality and experiences. It will take a little adjusting for me, but be patient: I promise I won't be so aloof.

Seven goals. Seven is a good number, so we'll stick with these for October and a month from now we'll see how I did.

What about you? Do you have any goals you're working on or any thoughts on my goals? Let me know in the comments!


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