Labor Day Playlist: Year 3 - Movement

Annual playlist focuses on music that inspires movement

Four years ago on Labor Day weekend I went on a backpacking trip near Blood Mountain along the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. While the hiking trip and the company was great, that long agonizing drive down to Atlanta in awful Labor Day traffic sticks in my memory, and so for the past few years I've created playlists to kick off long road trips on Labor Day weekends.

The first year was all about wanderlust and is posted here:

The second year I had just purchased my house and so the playlist was all about home and is available here:

This year I pulled pieces that inspire movement - whether it's explicit like "Perpetuum mobile" or implicit like some of the driving rhythms of other included songs. It's a playlist that I hope drives you to something new, whether it moves you to go on an adventure, or to make a change in your life, or to do something good in the world. 

Enjoy it here:

This playlist includes some top chart songs as well as some indie bands (including one great group from Durham). What are your thoughts? Do these songs inspire you to go on a road trip? Any favorites from the list? Let me know in the comments!


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