Cough Up Some Dough for Doughman!

Durham team relay offers running, biking, "swimming," and plenty of great local food to raise money for Durham Bike Co-Op nonprofit

Dear friends, family, fellow runners, caring strangers, and acquaintances with disposable incomes and/or deep hearts:

Do you have money left over from your tax refund even after being bombarded by spring charity fundraisers? Do you like bikes, the Bull City, or ludicrous athletic achievements? If you answered "yes," "no," or "maybe" to any or all of the above then please consider donating to my team's Doughman fundraiser!

What's Doughman? It's a team race and culinary tour of Durham with running, biking, and "swimming" relay legs. Each leg also includes chowing down on some food from a local esteemed Durham restaurant. Think Krispy Kreme Challenge but cooler because it's in Durham, is a relay triathlon (ish), and has good food (oh snap!). ("Wait," you might ask, "how does one swim in Durham?!" I'm glad you asked! Apparently it will include a slip'n'slide or kiddie pool. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what I'm signed up for, but oh well, I'm already signed up for it!)

Recognize this pic? I'll be racing with Jill (to my right), Heather (in front), and Lauren (in front next to Heather) again!

Okay, cut to the point, what's this money for? This year the Doughman race will support the Durham Bike Co-op. The Durham Bike Co-op is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit community bicycle project. It provides bicycles and bicycle repair education to the community at low or no cost. Sound like an appropriately millenial/hipster non-profit that you'd like to support? Please consider donating to my team's fundraiser page! We are "Keeping up with the CARBdashians" - complete with a fun graphic made by yours truly! - and yes, come race day we will be in ridiculous costumes.

Added bonus: If we raise $250 we get a 2 minute head start at the race! ($1000 raised means we get a 5 minute head start! Top fundraising team gets that 5 minute head start and free entry into next year's race!)

So what's that link again? Here it is!

Thank you!!

Additional Details:

The race is May 5 in Durham if you'd like to come spectate. We strongly encourage your best paparazzi outfits to support our CARBdashians crew. And yes, of course I'll post a race report after the race!



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