The Charms of Charleston

Southern city provides charm despite winter chill

I was basically a zombie wandering the streets of Charleston the days between Christmas and New Year's. The charms of Charleston - the food, the night life, and the views - were lost to me. The best meals mean nothing if you can only eat soup. The fanciest cocktails mean nothing if your stomach is already sour. The prettiest buildings look dull if you're tired and aching and running a fever. It was FREEZING in Charleston and I was sick, but even so I snapped some photos. I'll have plan another trip to Charleston to do proper photography, but until then I've got these images.

Ah well. I'm sure we'll come back to Charleston. Maybe we'll visit again in the spring when it's warmer and greener and we'll see Ft. Sumter under a hot sun or visit Westbrook or some of the other breweries, or I'll map out places and times for photography and hope the weather cooperates. And maybe this summer I'll sit under a sprawling tree, cool in the shade from the fierce summer sun, and sketch something beautiful.

Have you been to Charleston? Was was your favorite part of the city?


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