Bad Injury and Good Deeds

A true running injury and supporting the local nonprofit First Pages

On Saturday in the middle of a 12 mile long run I suffered my first pure running injury. Sure, I've had aches and pains and black toenails and soreness before, but a true running injury? 15 years of running and it finally happened: I tripped on a sidewalk, went sprawling, and tore up my knee. Blood was everywhere - soaking my tights, streaming down my leg, and bubbling up with adrenaline and activity - but the injury looked much worse than it was: it was just a flesh wound! The saddest part was ripping my new leggings, sigh. Seven blood-soaked miles later I finally limped back to Fleet Feet at the end of my run.

And while I might have had the misfortune of tearing up my knee on a run that morning, local kids had the good fortune of getting a nice big box of books donated for First Pages! I interviewed Kelly Partner a while back about First Pages, and was excited that Fleet Feet was supporting her non-profit with a book drive. That morning First Pages collected an overflowing box of books that will soon be prepped for distribution!

Hey, recognize that box?! :D

Gross running injury. Sorry I'm not sorry I'm posting this Snapchat pic of my bloody knee. Hey, this knee is magic! I still ran 7 miles on this bloody baby! (And oh yeah, I'm on Snapchat and I sometimes post gross pics there. Great incentive to follow me, right?!)

If you're interested in learning more about First Pages, check out their website at and keep an eye out for upcoming book drives! If you have books to donate you can drop off books at the upcoming events:

  • Sat./Sun. April 1st and 2nd: Not So Normal race weekend in Carrboro, NC
  • Sat. April 22nd, 8am-2pm: Keep Durham Beautiful ReUse Rodeo - It's a "one stop shop" for all your spring cleaning leftovers! Drop off all sorts of gently used items and they'll be sorted and distributed to appropriate charities including Trosa, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and First Pages! Located at The Lakewood Shopping Center (near The Scrap Exchange)

And don't forget to check out First Pages' blog post about the event!

Thanks Keuren for donating and modeling!


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