Baby Stella 6 Months Milestone Session Blooper Reel

New favorite hastag: #milkdrunk

The other day I posted photos from a recent 6 month old baby milestone session. What a fun session! I loved it so much, but I keep coming back to a few photos that I didn't share in the original post. These images didn't make the final cut but they just make me so happy with all their goofy outtakes. This is by far my best blooper reel yet, and I wanted to share with you some of the fun. Note these aren't final polished photos, but enjoy the spirit of the blooper photos! (PS Be sure to read the captions for each photo!)

"Sigh. This is my life now. I'll just sit here and ignore the elephant in the room."

"Look, Ma! No teeth! But I can fly!"

"Ooooh, what's that shiny thing over there?? Maybe I'll crawl to it. Maybe...maybe...maybe I'll just lie here instead."

"Mommy? You said smile? Smile? Oh oh oh..."

"Oh? Hey, weird person behind the big black box, did you said food? Food? Yes, food? No? No food?"

"Ughhhh no, I just can't do it, Ma."

"Fine, then I'll just eat this chair."

"Mommmmmm, he's doing that hyper thing again."

I hope you all enjoyed the blooper reel! Let me know your thoughts on the captions and enter your own captions for the photos in the comments below!


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