August 2017 Goals

And May 2017 goals recap

Proof that I am a slacker: the last time I did a goals post was April. Yes, April! It seems like it's well past time to fix that! And oh my gosh I keep getting reminded of the time right now - time to do something, time to do something, time time time!

I'm literally hearing bells to remind me of the time: McCrae brought home this crazy antique family heirloom clock this weekend. It was dead silent all day on Sunday, but McCrae stashed the clock in the guest bedroom (which is now just becoming "my photography studio" but also "the antiques room"), and suddenly that clock has come alive. It is chiming at odd times: 5:35pm, 8:15pm, 9:50pm.

"McCrae, why did you have to bring home a NOISEMAKER?! This clock is possessed!" I shrieked after one particularly unexpected round of chimes. Plus it's a hundred years old, so I can't even pull the batteries out. Make it stopppppppp.

But okay. Goals for August (besides figure out how to make that clock stfu). Let's start with a recap.

Recap of April Goals:


Post at least 3 times a week. Yeah. That didn't happen. But I did a big photography project, does that count?

Keep working on fiction. In April I said I was 20 pages into my novel and I would aim for another 20 pages. Well, I managed to get another 20 pages, but it's been over the span of three months (oops). 39 pages typed up, but that doesn't include any handwritten stuff (which is about half a notebook, so I guess that's a win?) Yes, I'm weird. Yes, I write all my first drafts long-hand. Yes, I finally stopped doing my second drafts on the typewriter and I've gone straight from long-hand to computer. Ugh, about dang time.


My apologies. Back to the goals recap.


Complete the outdoor photography class. Nope, I didn't do this. I made progress...and then I joined at least 30 other photography classes, because hey! Short attention span! Must learn everything! Typical.

Buy that shiny new lens! Yes! Did that. Love it. My preciousssssss...

Work on some surprises. Surprise! I took photos all summer! So...can I do this every summer from now on? Please?


Race in the Rock'n'Roll Raleigh half marathon! I did it! It was miserable! But I did it!

Climb at least once a week and go to at least one climbing Meetup. Emily and I are inconsistently consistent about this. We will do a few weeks of climbing, and then we might miss a week. Or two. Or four. I think our biggest gap was a month, oops. But usually we climb at least once a week. I haven't been brave enough to go to any Meetups though.

Go backpacking! Ugh. Don't talk to me about this. I'm still mad at myself I haven't gone since spring.

Go on 2 other hikes. Since I practically lived in Wake County parks this summer, does that count? Honestly, I was hiking while taking photos so much that I've lost track of how many hikes I've done this summer, which has totally derailed my 52 hike challenge. Ah well, there's still time!

Run the Tar Heel 10 Miler! I did this! It was miserable! But I did it! I'm just glad I wasn't talked into doing the "double down challenge" where you run the Tar Heel 4 miler and then you immediately run the Tar Heel 10 miler. (No, Travis, we're not ever doing this!!)

Do yoga at least once. Hey! I did yoga once in three months, yes!


Reschedule the trip to Denver. Soooooo...about that. Yeah.

Plan a climbing trip! I actually made some progress with this! I found some dates, I found a climbing partner, and I just need to finalize it!


Read another book. You know what's awful? Starting to read a book that's supposed to be a classic and is supposed to be sooooo wonderful and life-changing and you're all looking forward to it...only to hate that book. And I mean, the passion of a thousand fiery burning suns kinda hate. Yeah, that will ruin reading for you for a while. Dang it.

Do taxes. Yay, I can adult and I did this thing so the IRS won't yell at me!

So! August goals! Drumroll please...

NO, YOU STUPID CLOCK, I SAID "DRUMROLL" NOT "ANTIQUE CLOCK PLEASE CHIME IN!" Gahhh you noisy clock, you ruin all the good moments.

Alright. August 2017 goals:


Post at least twice a week. Let's start small to see if I can become consistent again. Here, let's make the rules official:

  • Monday: Restless Runday posts. It's all about running!
  • Wednesday: Wild Wednesday! Something about the outdoors.
  • Friday: Friday Favorites! 

Must post at least two of those a week. Let's do this!

Get a decent draft of fiction together. It doesn't have to be spectacular or even complete. I just need something to read to my writer's group, since apparently I don't ever share my work. Oops.


Keep learning. Keep trying new things. There's nothing like a huge photography project to really make you learn and grow. I loved having a cohesive project to really explore. I saw the world in fresh ways, and I learned to use my camera in new ways. I want to keep growing my skills with classes and experience, and I want to kickstart a new project soon - something that I can share the entire journey with you all.


Run three times a week. I'm not gonna lie: I run better and more comfortably if I just run more frequently. I'm not a fan of this sort of goal, but I need to push myself and get some miles on my feet this month.

Climb at least once a week! Because who needs fingernails?

Go backpacking! Oh yeah. It's happening, or else I'm losing my mind. Or maybe this clock is making me lose my mind, RIGHT NOW I'M JUST NOT SURE!


Plan a climbing trip! If I keep saying it, will I make it happen?

Solar eclipse trip! Ohhhhhh I am beyond excited for this! I hope my protective eyewear isn't a fake!

Plan something amazing for September. What exactly? "I dunno, something amazing I guess"


Read a book. So after being mad at books for a while following a major disappointment in what was supposed to be a life-changing literary experience, I stupidly picked up The Aeneid. Except I didn't like the translation that I had, so I decided to read it in Latin. Let's be real, I'm not going to get through the whole Aeneid in Latin, but it's kinda fun poking at it. Actual goal: find another book to read. Really, Liz, don't spend the next six months trying to decipher The Aeneid in Latin. #badliz

Take Ryder on another adventure. My dog is a jerk, he really is, but he's a cute jerk and he's so pretty when he smiles at me (even though I know he's just doing it for a treat and not because he actually loves me. Mercenary cuss.) That said, I want to take him on another adventure soon since he enjoyed the sunflower field so much. Stay tuned for more fluffy-butt adventures.

Ryder, don't smirk at me like that. Rude.

Okay, is that enough for one month? Sounds good to me! Time to wrap i---- ARGH NO YOU STUPID CLOCK! Just because I said "time" doesn't mean you get to chime in again! Okay, one final goal: Figure out how to make the clock shut up in a way that doesn't involve smashing it to splinters. Grrrrrrr.

Alright, that's enough. Enjoy your month! And let me know your goals in the comments!


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