Mission Statement


To boldly pursue adventure and novel experiences.


To celebrate all the beautiful things in this world - the things that call to us, that compel us, that move our souls.


To make the outdoors a welcoming and accessible place.

To inspire and empower individuals - especially women - to test their boundaries and try something new.


To explore and protect wild spaces.


To strive for a better way to live.


Core Values

That we can adventure forth with an open mind and be curious about the world without doing harm.


That everyone has the right to explore and grow in a positive environment.


That we can live a fulfilling life and provide an equally fulfilling environment for future generations.


That telling a good story, empowering others, and protecting wild spaces is hard, but we promise to ask fair questions and explore the world with an open and honest heart.


That respect leads to understanding and growth and is vital to any dialogue.



My blog, my rules.

I probably don't know what I'm talking about. You probably shouldn't listen to me. Always consult a doctor before starting any exercise regimen.

I sometimes do adventurous stuff. Use common sense and discretion when engaging in activities.

All opinions are my own. On the off chance that I ever convince somebody to sponsor a post or send me a freebie I will include a disclaimer on the post and provide my honest opinion. 

Some posts may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link I get a small commission at no cost to you. Because y'all...blogging ain't cheap! But in all seriousness...it's pennies per click.

I use Google Analytics which may collect some viewer data. (Think "female, age 18-35, likes outdoorsy activities" kinda data.) I promise to never share this information with any outside parties other than sponsors or affiliates, and that's only in aggregate. I will NEVER sell your information.

I use Google Ads on this site. Once again, it's pennies per click. Google uses cookies to serve ads. Read more or opt out here.

All money generated on this site goes towards running this site. (For the record: I'm still in the red.)

Comments are always welcomed and encouraged, but I reserve the right to delete comments on this blog for any reason whatsoever. (Reasons may include but are not limited to: excessive profanity, insults or abuse to myself or others, spam comments, or such horrible spelling and punctuation that the comment makes no sense. FYI: we're pro-Oxford comma here.)

Thanks for reading and supporting The Restless Wild!